About audienceOS

audienceOS is a collection of frameworks, templates and tools to supercharge digital marketing efforts.

Our mission

Digital marketing is crucial to success in the coming decade and we want to empower 1 million people find jobs from anywhere, anytime.

Who we are

We believe in a world where everyone can have equal shot to the opportunities. We work hard in bringing tools and resources for those who want to make this world better.

Our Story

We struggled to grow our own startup in 2020 and realized that social media marketing is key to success. Since then we have been releasing products to help startups and enterprises.

Hi, I'm Nishant Modi 👋

I'm a digital marketer, startup founder, and the maker of audienceOS.

As a digital marketer, I ventured into the field after a career in technology and management consulting, followed by launching my own tech startup in the consumer space. Through self-teaching, I honed my marketing skills for over four years and have since successfully grown many brands.

Now, as a full-time marketer at a unicorn company, I also share my marketing knowledge on the side to help others succeed.

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Send us an email at info@audienceos.com anytime.