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Ampfluence promises account safety and is 100% human-powered. They are reachable and it's easy to discuss the solutions that you might be facing.

They exclusively work on Instagram and they also have a team exclusively to work on the client account. The service is useful for influencers, agencies that are working with clients to establish brands and help them grow their followers.

The app helps in targeting the audience by continuous engagement, the service also provides managing your Instagram ads to provide more brand visibility.

The Ampfluence team researches your target market, evaluates the content being posted, what’s trending in your industry or your social sphere, it identifies accounts your competitors follow.

The app also helps in removing accounts that do not engage, spending time tailoring messages with customers who engage consistently.
The app helps track activities daily and create a report on the growth monthly to monitor performance and targets.


Ampluence is a tool to influence your Instagram to help it grow organically.