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Awario monitors the Web for mentions of your keywords in real-time so that you are the first one to know about the conversations that can impact your business, helping you react promptly. It has a powerful tracking system- to track the number of your mentions and their reach.

Other features include sorting positive and negative mentions with sentiment analysis, Identifying top influencers, sharing a link to analytics.
Awario tracks mentions in any language, irrespective of the location, and all across the Web, Whether you're a small business monitoring the local media or a big brand.

It has an interesting feature called the Awario Leads - It collects posts that ask for a recommendation of a product similar to yours and finds posts in which users complain about your competitors.

The Awario alert system does not let you miss any message from your customer. It helps you sort mentions by to see the most impactful discussions first, thus prioritising your marketing efforts to reach bigger audiences.

It provides an organised workspace, generates white label reports, and seeks only relevant information.


Awario helps you monitor your brand and grow brand awareness.