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You can avoid the trouble of squeezing in the video to 15 seconds anymore, you can record longer videos and upload.

Continual will take videos from camera roll and split them into short clips of 15 seconds. You can save the videos and later post them to stories.

Promotions with stories can become very easy and fun.

Instagram Stories allow you to post videos only for 15 seconds in length but with Continual app, you can post longer video clips so that you can upload them sequentially.

The stories can be cut for Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp stories, at 15 seconds, 20 seconds & 1 minute clip lengths.


  • You can upload old videos as well.
  • Clips are arranged in chronological order so you can upload to Instagram stories in the correct order with no hassle.
  • You can record straight from the app and split to clips immediately.
  • You can jump to Instagram easily after splitting the video.
  • Make videos fit to screen or fill the story in portrait or just keep the original size.
  • You have the option of numbering videos in the camera roll to help you post easily.


Continual is an mobile app that allows you to post videos of any length to Instagram Stories.