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Fastory helps in increasing your social media engagement by crafting quality content. You can plan contests to keep your audiences engaged and loyal.

Fastory can be used to create mobile-first gamification tools, You can design challenges, with scored and timed out games. You can send an invitation to your friends to help them join.

Landing pages and micro-sites can be built with the app, which helps build the lead's profile to know more about them. Contacting your clients is easy and it can be monitored. Other features include smart video autoplay, CRM integration.

You can create smart, conversational forms to keep your targeted customers engaged with features like conversational path, surveys, personality tests, sweepstakes, instant wins to help the customers get the reward instantly, opt-in collection of emails, GIF uploads to make it entertaining.

Send emails and web push notifications with features that include exclusive content, social media CTA's, create an automated journey for your customers.
They are constantly upgrading to meet your demands and make your social media reach its peak.

Facebook, Instagram, Canva


Fastory helps your social media by increasing your engagement through quality content.