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This app makes it easy to all types of marketing tools and data under one roof.

HubSpot makes it easy for all types of marketing tools and data under one roof. The popular feature includes

  • Blog: You can create content your audience is looking for, and get discovered in searches and social media.
  • SEO: You can outrank our competitors, by planning your content strategy and optimising your content.
  • Ad tracking: You can manage your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google ads inside HubSpot and keep track of all in one space.
  • Social Media Management: You can monitor your conversations and publish on all the social networks with the same tool.
  • Video: You can view emails, and measure video performance with in-depth reporting and analytics to see how your video is doing.

Hubspot has CRM platform that has all the tools and integrations you might need for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service.


HubSpot is a powerful and easy to use CRM platform.