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Postoplan uses an AI-powered system for marketing automation in social networks, you can add unlimited accounts, create, schedule, and promote your content.

You can connect multiple numbers of accounts and messengers to be able to plan the posts together and post them in one go.

You can add your colleagues, clients, and employees so that you can give your suggestions and feedback and take the same from others. The photo editor has the option of adding more than 2 million images to choose from, save your favourite filters to work later.

You have posts suggestions as there are several content ideas for every day in the postoplan calendar. There is an option to see the posts in advance to see how they appear in the grid. Stay free for months as you can plan a month's post.

The features include updating you with the status of the posts, organising your workflow, automating your work, create content with templates.


Postoplan helps you grow your audience and clients on autopilot.