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This is an app for content creators, influencers, Instagram lovers, and business owners to get their games up. You have the option to upload as many photos, videos, and carousels as you want. This app helps you to rearrange the order of the posts and preview your Instagram feed before you post.

There is an option to set a day and time and with the help of preview, the posts will automatically get posted. It works best for audiences in different time zones where you have the option to change city/country to post at the right time.

The order for reels and IGTV can be rearranged to see how it would appear, you can test different cover images.
It is also useful for arranging Instagram Stories for your campaigns, launches, templates, backgrounds, products, etc. You can prepare your swipe-up links, preview the flow of your Stories as well.

Preview app gives the option of hand-picked and researched Instagram hashtags which helps the posts to reach a larger audience. This app helps to decide a good caption for your posts by giving prompts when you are struggling to pick one.

Preview becomes almost a complete package by providing the analytics to see how your posts are doing.
It gives you the option to manage multiple accounts, work with a team and repost the posts that you like.


Preview app helps to plan your posts, reels, IGTVs, Instagram Stories. This is an useful app for content creators and influencers.