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Audience research is one of the most important aspects of social media marketing, yet it can also be one of the most difficult to do well. It's not enough to simply look at your account and see how you're performing; you need to understand who your audience is, what they respond to, and where they come from.

Sparktoro provides Accurate and simplified Audience research with features like:


Provides data on employment, skills and interests, gender and age, education, geography, and political leanings of your customers

Influence information

Provides information on social accounts, websites, podcasts, and YouTube channels that people engage with.

Data Exports

Create and manage lists and exports spreadsheets for team collaboration to get inputs from your team in one place.

Contact Info

Gives access to email addresses and social media accounts through a third party.


SparkToro help find the websites your customers visit to increase your performance on social media.