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Available has a useful feature called the social media aggregator which helps to bring together content from multiple platforms so you can moderate it and curate it. This also helps to collect and show the best posts, photos, or videos from the most popular social networks and other sources.

The feature called the Hashtag aggregator helps to bring the posts with common hashtags together. You can easily raise awareness for a social cause, run a promotion for any service, create advertisements for a new product, etc.

With the feature social feed aggregator, you don’t have to write everything yourself as the feature social media aggregator will help you collect, display, and share interesting content on a specific topic with your audience to keep your audience engaged.

You can set up a live social media feed for an event so that you can promote your sponsors and offer them advertising space on the wall or publish ads.
You also have the option to curate your content before you post to gather maximum engagement. is a content moderation tool that help you to pick what you would like it display for your audience.